TinyResMeter 0.97

Control the usage of CPU, RAM, hard drive space and more


  • Lots of parameters available
  • Customizable interface
  • No installation required
  • Doesn't take up much space


  • Field selection is really uncomfortable

Not bad

Some people like to be in control of everything, including computer data and resources. If you fall on this group I'm sure you're going to love TinyResMeter.

TinyResMeter is a little app (as you can infer from its name) that tracks many different computer resources and other data in real time, and displays the gathered information on its interface. You can easily fit this window anywhere on your desktop without disturbing your current work, thanks to its reduced size and transparency.

Despite its apparent simplicity, TinyResMeter does include tons of fields you can add to its interface to keep an eye on them: CPU speed, RAM usage, uptime, user name, active processes and threads, hard drives, removable drives, network connections… are only a few parameters you can control with TinyResMeter. What's more, each one of them displays even more information if you right-click on them, though I must say I was lost among so many techie data.

The one thing that this program needs to improve is the way you select fields to be displayed. A context menu, especially when there are so many options, renders simply unusable.

With TinyResMeter you can easily control many different resources and parameters on your computer in real time.



TinyResMeter 0.97

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    OMG... thats cool.
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